14 Date Ideas for Valentine's Day

We love celebrating love!  With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, we’ve come up with 14 fun date ideas for you and your sweetheart.  Even if you’ve already got your Valentine’s Day planned, scroll on through & find some fun dates to use throughout the year!

  1. Rock Climbing. This is great for the athletic couple, whether you’re experienced in rock climbing or not.  There are several rock climbing gyms throughout San Diego that offer rappelling as well as bouldering.  If you’ve never tried it, you can sign up for a training session before you venture out on your own.

  2. Escape Rooms. These are a newer trend which are quickly gaining momentum.  The thrill of it is that you are locked in a room and have to use the clues in that room to escape!  It’s fun, imaginative and gets your adrenaline pumping.  The rooms are often themed, so you can pick one that suits your interest.

  3. Wine & Paint Night. If you haven’t tried one of the many wine & paint nights in San Diego, we highly recommend it!  The calendars come out a month in advance, so you can scroll through and see different options for what you might like to try painting.  The artists always encourage artistic freedom and take you through the painting step by step, so skill level is a non-issue.  Plus…wine!

  4. Brunch at Kona’s. One of the most fun and well known breakfast spots in PB.  The line can quickly go out the door, so we recommend getting their early.  Their food is amazing and the portions are huge!  And if great food wasn’t enough, there’s an outdoor seating area right on the shoreline. This is a great way to start Valentine’s Day together.

  5. Ocean Kayaking. The weather is getting warmer (at least for now!) and ocean kayaking is a great outdoor date adventure.  Choose to go out on your own or sign up for group tour!  You can often find sessions available on Groupon for kayaking.

  6. National Comedy Theater. Do you just want to sit and enjoy a night together?  Here is the place to go! 

  7. Frisbee Golf. Outdoor fun that’s great for just the two of you, or a group of friends.  Morley field is the most well known Frisbee golf course in San Diego.

  8. Eat Somewhere New. Find a restaurant you have never been to and give them a try.  For starters, we recommend trying Urban Plates in La Jolla!

  9. Indoor Sky Diving. Keep the adventurous dates coming!  Of course, you could go skydiving in the great outdoors as well.  Either way, we’re sure you’ll enjoy the thrill of trying something new together.

  10. Speakeasy. Get dressed up and head downtown for a fun underground experience from the 1920’s.  Of course, this isn’t the easiest place to find, on purpose, so you’ll need to find out where it is beforehand!

  11. Quiz night at Shakespeare’s. A weekly trivia night to jog your memory and try your knowledge of random things.  There are themed nights and prizes for winners!

  12. Seven Grand Whiskey Bar. Seven Grand is located in North Park and offers a great beer selection in addition to their wide variety of hand crafted cocktails.  There is a dress code, so make sure you’re ready for a fancier night out.

  13. Drive In Theater. A good old fashioned movie night is a great date for just relaxing.  There are extravagant theaters you could go to, but why not enjoy a night out (for way cheaper) with just the two of you, the way they used to do it!  Bring some snacks and blankets, and enjoy the drive in.

  14. Catamaran Cruise. This is perfect for a group date with your friends.  Book a Catamaran Cruise and sail around the San Diego harbor for an afternoon of relaxing and enjoying the ocean.  You might even see whales and dolphins!

We’d love to hear about your fun dates!  Whether it was something you had never done or just a great adventure because of who you were with, give all the details below!