Preferred Vendor - Eden Day Photography

After all of the planning, preparation and excitement of your wedding day ALL that you have left are your guest book, frozen cake top and your pictures.  These are memories so fond, you will want to display them in your home and share them on your social media outlets. And you know that both of your moms will be displaying as many pictures as they can get their hands on too!

With that in mind, it's critical that you find a photographer whose style you love and whose rates you can afford.  In our opinion, pictures are something worth spending the extra dough on.  We believe that Eden Day Photography consistently gives their clients the most bang for their buck.  A good sign in their blog.  I (Jenny) find myself browsing their blog when I am at my desk making phone calls.  That is a great sign!

When shopping photographers, their blog is a great place to start.  You get a feel for their style through the pictures they love enough to post.  And when you browse Eden Day's Blog, you will find that David and Courtney are in their sweet spot.

We have a few photographers that we know and love - Eden Day is one of them.  Enjoy!